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Time consuming and emotionally challenging, the property market is difficult to navigate and buying a home is a process that can consume your precious time, while having the potential to be risky and expensive if you get it wrong.

Buying a home

1Group Property Advisory’s comprehensive research, access to our off market listings and objective guidance, you can confidently settle into your dream home at the right price. For residential homebuyers, buying a home can be an emotional. 1Group’s property advisers and residential home buyer’s agents alike can provide an objective perspective, but still recognise the significance of this investment for our clients. We help you make rational decisions based on data and analysis while ensuring the home you choose is one you absolutely love.

What should I be aware of when buying a home?

What you get is not necessarily what you see when it comes to buying a home. Our property advisers conduct thorough due diligence on every chosen property before negotiations begin. We assess the property’s condition, potential for capital growth, rental yield, and any potential issues that may not be immediately apparent. We also have access to something you can’t see which is the hidden market, or the off-market properties that are not listed publicly. Our network of agents, vendors and developers - in addition to our existing client base – will give you an advantage when looking for a home.

Think about whether buying a home for you is a long-term investment strategy or a short term stepping stone. Our residential home buyer’s agents can help you develop a long-term investment strategy by identifying properties with strong potential for capital growth and rental income, helping you build wealth over time.

What help is available for home buyers?

1Group Property advisory covers the full spectrum of property investment whether you are a first home buyer in need of buyer’s advocacy, a seasoned property investor with a multi property strategy or a healthcare professional looking to start you own private practice. We service Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane markets and can find you the right property to buy, lease or build.

Finding a home is not simply about the price and location. Our value lies in our access to insights around demographic and migration trends, scheduled development activity and infrastructure spend in the target suburb, council overlays and zoning, and changes in regulations and legislation which varies from state to state – all of which can influence the capital value and growth of your home. Our expertise streamlines the research process – a step that many skip – and assists our residential home buyer clients to make informed decisions and avoid costly mistakes.

First Home Buyer Incentives

First home buyer incentives are offered at the state and federal level and can be a great cash bonus forthose eligible. However, First Home Owner Grants always come with strict and often complex criteria and in many cases tend to increase the cost of buying a property rather than making it more accessible. Our combined offering of Property Advisory and Project Management means we can offer expert advice on which incentives you can access depending on the type of property you purchase. We can guide you through this often hard to navigate phase to make sure you get all the incentives you are eligible for, whether you are buying or building your first home.  You may even qualify for more than one incentive depending on where you choose to buy.


The Client Experience


Meet with our property advisory and research team to delve deep into your needs and objectives, discussing in detail what the ideal home or lifestyle property looks and feels like. This is an incredibly personal process which, in some cases, requires daily contact to meet your specific profile. We do this with the utmost care and intent to ensure the property strategy meets your specific needs.


If required, we will map out the regions of interest and bring back suggestion based on your profile and the research team’s findings. We'll also suggest suburbs and streets you may not have considered if they present as suitable possibilities.


Our Buyer's Agent team will be calling, marketing, and meeting face to face with the target agents in the subject regions to source on, off and premarket options for your consideration. We move quickly to inspect and complete both site and local area due diligence to ensure this property meets your requirements and is going to be inside budget.


The 1Group report will highlight how the property meets, exceeds, or falls short of your requirements. No property is perfect, and our role is to bring all the property parameters to the forefront of the conversation and allow you to make informed and well researched decisions quickly.


Our expert negotiators apply their decades of experience and in-depth training to navigate this intense and exciting stage, removing emotion and bringing the right balance of data, human behaviour analysis and experience to what is often our most appreciated and financially impactful stage.


During the Acquire stage, we maintain contact with all key parties, ensuring legal, finance, building inspector, trades, property management or any other parties that are involved are all connected and working hard to meet deadlines and your obligations as the successful buyer.


This stage involves pre-settlement inspections, trade quotes and staying across the responsibilities of all key parties to ensure this big milestone is as seamless as possible.

Post Acquisition

Whether it’s just handing over the keys and celebrating, or organising architects to help you tender the build for a large or small project, 1Group will stay by your side using their networks and experience to help you navigate this exciting but often challenging stage.


Now it’s time to meet, review and reflect on the process and how it fared in comparison to what we promised at the start and where the strategy will go from here. Long term partnerships are what give us the greatest professional purpose.

Team Helping You Buy A Home

Julian Muldoon
Director of 1Group
Tal Eloss
Director of 1Group
Aaron Pabst
Buyer's Agent
Thomas Kowpak
Commercial Property Advisor

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