Commercial Project Management

Commercial Project Management

We understand that managing a residential project demands valuable time, energy, and expertise that our clients may not possess. At 1Group Projects, we alleviate these concerns by providing a shield against inexperienced operators, price gouging, pre-planned variations and project delays. By fostering a culture of transparency and protection, we ensure a smoother, stress-free, and cost-effective project journey, resulting in superior quality outcomes.

Do I need a construction project manager?

1Group Projects keeps the project team accountable, providing transparency and clarity to every important decision. We bring exceptional communication to fill the void often left by builders who would rather focus on the construction piece.

What are the benefits of having a construction project manager?

At 1Group Projects, we manage the construction of your commercial project, keeping the project on track and on budget. We have a clear-cut process via trusted providers with project experience, and market leading pricing. We drive the design and administration process to save you time and free you up to do what you do best.

Why should you choose 1Group Projects?

The team at 1Group Projects has in-depth construction knowledge and extensive trade networks. We are experienced and proven negotiators and mediators, providing independent representation for you from design to handover, from contract negotiations to robust discussions at defect stage.

How much does a construction project manager cost?

At 1Group Projects, we provide certainty through a fixed fee engagement model. Regardless of project duration or time involved, we stand by our clients from start to finish, offering a transparent and predictable cost structure.

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The winning combination of 1Group Property Advisory and 1Group Projects ensures you are getting the highest level of service for the full extent of your property investment journey, no matter the size of your budget or the type of investment or project you are taking on. We offer professional services across the full property spectrum.

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Team Helping You Manage Your Commercial Project

Moe Hallani
Director of Projects
Susana Hernandez
Head of Design
Ben Sansom
Project Manager


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