Veterinary Fitout

1Group Projects understands that design and fit-out play a pivotal role in supporting the brand and vision of a veterinary clinic and that the physical space should reflect the clinic’s unique identity.

Bring your veterinary clinic vision to life.

We work closely with veterinary clinic owners to understand their brand values, vision, and goals in serving their customers and their furry friends. Our design team at 1Group Projects translates these elements into tangible design concepts that align with the clinic’s brand identity. From the selection of colors, materials, and finishes to incorporating brand elements throughout the space, we ensure that the clinic’s visual identity is seamlessly integrated. By creating a cohesive and branded environment, we help veterinary clinics communicate their expertise, professionalism, and care to their clients.

Creating a Welcoming Atmosphere

At 1Group Projects, we pay attention to every detail to ensure that the space evokes a sense of warmth and empathy. By designing spaces that prioritize the comfort and well-being of both animals and their owners, we help establish a positive first impression and foster trust and confidence in the clinic’s services.

Supporting the Clinic’s Vision

Whether it’s promoting a specific area of specialization or incorporating sustainable and eco-friendly practices, we tailor the design to support the clinic’s unique vision. By integrating the clinic’s values and aspirations into the physical space, we create an environment that reinforces the clinic’s mission and resonates with both clients and staff.

Enhancing Staff Pride and Commitment

A thoughtfully designed veterinary clinic can have a profound impact on staff morale, pride and commitment. By creating a space that embodies the clinic’s brand and values, we foster a sense of belonging and inspire the veterinary team to deliver their best care.

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1Group Projects is your trusted partner in property advisory, design, and project management tailored to the unique needs of medical and allied health professionals. From specialised healthcare practice fitouts to high end boutique office makeovers, 1Group Projects has you covered.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do veterinary clinic fitouts cost?

Veterinary fitouts are specialized, typically costing less than traditional healthcare facilities. They generally involve less cabinetry and aesthetic detailing, but may include additional surgical areas and provisions for dual access and animal restroom facilities. Costs for veterinary fitouts typically fall within the range of $1,500 to $3,000 per square meter. However, this cost can vary based on factors such as the building itself and the level of fixtures and finishes incorporated into the fitout.

How long does a veterinary clinic fitout usually take to complete?

A standard veterinary clinic of 200 to 300 m² would Would take one to 3 months in design and documentation and somewhere between 12 to 16 weeks in the construction phase larger than me surgeries can take longer than this as can residential conversion versus a standard commercial retail space been converted

Are specific building permits required for a veterinary practice fitout?

Certainly, a building permit for a veterinary fitout is a prerequisite for any construction project. In certain instances, a planning permit may also be necessary. In cases where the building is part of a Strata arrangement, approvals from the owners' corporation may also be required.

The Team Helping You With Your Veterinary Fitout

Moe Hallani
Director of Projects
Susana Hernandez
Head of Design
Ben Sansom
Project Manager


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