Property Advisory Sydney

With its diverse and vibrant real estate market, featuring a mix of modern apartments, charming historic houses, and luxurious waterfront properties amid a bustling cityscape and stunning natural landscapes, it’s no wonder Sydney is the most lucrative market in Australia for property.

Property Advisory Sydney

Who can resist Sydney? 1Group Property Advisory Sydney has helped countless Sydney based and interstate clients make strategic and profitable investment decisions in this hard to navigate city. Our Sydney based property investment advisors have decades of experience in market trends, property values, and investment opportunities, enabling them to offer valuable property advisory services and insights. We cover established areas of Sydney and also newly emerging opportunities that are attracting significant government and private sector investment. If you think Sydney is out of your reach, our property investment advice will show you how to crack into this lucrative market, whether you're a first-time buyer or an experienced investor.

Do I need a Property Advisor in Sydney?

Our property investment experts in Sydney can help you make informed decisions and find properties that align with your specific needs and budget, making sure your investment is in the right suburb, right neighbourhood and even the right street. Along with our deep property market knowledge, expert research and negotiating skills, a 1Group Sydney property advisor will give you objective advice on your dream home, office, health practice or investment property in Sydney. Our team of expert property investment advisors understand the nuances of particular suburbs across Sydney, and we know the types of property that will perform according to your specific requirements. Together with our extensive network of contacts, including developers, legal experts, and financial institutions, we can facilitate and negotiate the best deals in what can be a highly emotional experience.

Why choose 1Group for Property Advisory in Sydney?

1Group Property Advisory Sydney can add immense value as your property investment advisor whether you are buying, investing or building. We have a team of deep subject matter experts, researchers, negotiators and construction professionals to service our clients looking to invest in Sydney and we all work holistically across the divisions of 1Group to make your property investment journey a positive one. Our free property reports and insights go into detail about high performing cities and suburbs, demographic and migration trends, infrastructure spend and government projects that have a compelling impact on property markets. As a dynamic and energetic property advisory service in Sydney, our team will support you throughout the process, helping you navigate this complex industry, saving you time, money, and stress while maximizing your property investment outcomes.


The Client Experience


Meet with our property advisory and research team to delve deep into your needs and objectives, discussing in detail what the ideal home or lifestyle property looks and feels like. This is an incredibly personal process which, in some cases, requires daily contact to meet your specific profile. We do this with the utmost care and intent to ensure the property strategy meets your specific needs.


If required, we will map out the regions of interest and bring back suggestion based on your profile and the research team’s findings. We'll also suggest suburbs and streets you may not have considered if they present as suitable possibilities.


Our Buyer's Agent team will be calling, marketing, and meeting face to face with the target agents in the subject regions to source on, off and premarket options for your consideration. We move quickly to inspect and complete both site and local area due diligence to ensure this property meets your requirements and is going to be inside budget.


The 1Group report will highlight how the property meets, exceeds, or falls short of your requirements. No property is perfect, and our role is to bring all the property parameters to the forefront of the conversation and allow you to make informed and well researched decisions quickly.


Our expert negotiators apply their decades of experience and in-depth training to navigate this intense and exciting stage, removing emotion and bringing the right balance of data, human behaviour analysis and experience to what is often our most appreciated and financially impactful stage.


During the Acquire stage, we maintain contact with all key parties, ensuring legal, finance, building inspector, trades, property management or any other parties that are involved are all connected and working hard to meet deadlines and your obligations as the successful buyer.


This stage involves pre-settlement inspections, trade quotes and staying across the responsibilities of all key parties to ensure this big milestone is as seamless as possible.

Post Acquisition

Whether it’s just handing over the keys and celebrating, or organising architects to help you tender the build for a large or small project, 1Group will stay by your side using their networks and experience to help you navigate this exciting but often challenging stage.


Now it’s time to meet, review and reflect on the process and how it fared in comparison to what we promised at the start and where the strategy will go from here. Long term partnerships are what give us the greatest professional purpose.

Other Services

The winning combination of 1Group Property Advisory and 1Group Projects ensures you are getting the highest level of service for the full extent of your property investment journey, no matter the size of your budget or the type of investment or project you are taking on. We offer professional services across the full property spectrum.

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