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If you are considering a commercial fit out, 1Group Projects can help you navigate the complexities of your office fit out project. We are office fit out specialists and our team of designers and project managers can help you create stunning workplaces, transforming an empty office shell to a breathtaking and inviting space for your customers and employees.

Stress free office fitouts

1Group Projects understands the complexities and challenges involved in commercial fit-outs. We know that managing an office interior fitout is a demanding task which takes decades of experience to master. At 1Group Projects, we shield you from inexperienced operators, price gouging, pre-planned variations and project delays. When you engage our team of office fitout experts, we make sure your commercial fitout projects run significantly faster with reduced timelines, minimised delays, and lower costs. One of our highly experienced Construction Project Managers oversees the entire process and handles everything from concept design and compliance to construction and completion.

Realise your office fitout vision

Are you thinking about a modern office fitout, a sustainable and eco friendly space or an office fitout that truly reflects your brand and values, our accomplished interior designers have the ability to create stunning and functional spaces across various sectors, including healthcare, residential, and retail environments within your budget. Our commitment to delivering unbeatable value ensures that our clients receive optimal results and realise their office fitout vision.

Enhancing Staff Pride and Commitment

A thoughtfully designed office fitout can have a profound impact on your employee and customer loyalty. As more people return to the office, their expectations for aesthetically inviting workspaces has grown.  1Group Projects can design and architect an office that boosts employee morale, pride and commitment. By creating a space that embodies your brand and values, 1Group Projects can build an environment which fosters a sense of belonging and pride.

Integrated service offering

What sets 1Group apart from other office fit out companies is our fully integrated and holistic offering of property advisory, buyer’s advocacy and project management. We seamlessly hand over your selected property and negotiated deal to our design and project management team, saving you time and money. We advocate for your interests at every stage, making certain that important decisions, negotiations, and key project milestones are approached with your best interests in mind.

Other Services

1Group Projects is your trusted partner in property advisory, design, and project management tailored to the unique needs of medical and allied health professionals. From specialised healthcare practice fitouts to high end boutique office makeovers, 1Group Projects has you covered.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do office fitouts cost?

Office fitout costs can vary, typically falling within the range of $1,000 to $2,000. Several factors influence these costs, including design considerations, whether the base build includes features like air conditioning and staff amenities provided by the landlord or tenant, the layout (open plan or closed), and the quality of finishes, all of which play a significant role in determining the final price.

What is an office fitout?

This is the internal construction works that happens to an open shell commercial tenancy that would be used for a team of people to conduct their day-to-day business

Why should I consider a new commercial office fitout?

In contemporary society, the physical workspace plays a pivotal role in influencing our motivation, concentration, and dedication to a business's objectives. It also plays a crucial role in enhancing candidate attraction strategies and attracting top talent. Furthermore, it increases the likelihood of employees choosing to work in the office, especially in a hybrid work environment.

How long does a commercial fitout usually take to complete?

The timeline typically involves a 1-3 month design and documentation phase, followed by a 6-16 week construction period. The duration of the build program depends on factors such as the size of the tenancy and the complexity of the fitout.

Is a building permit required for a commercial office fitout?

Certainly. In many office fitouts located within strata-managed or property-managed buildings, it is essential to obtain approvals from relevant governing bodies for the proposed plans and fitout work. Additionally, there may be considerations regarding access times and minimizing noise, dust, and disruptions to neighboring tenancies.

The Team Helping You With Your Office Fitout

Moe Hallani
Director of Projects
Susana Hernandez
Head of Design
Ben Sansom
Project Manager


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