Buying Property For Healthcare Use

Have questions about the advocacy process, and how we can help? We’ve listed a few of our most frequently asked questions to help your better understand what we have to offer, tailored to your area of interest.

Who does a Buyer’s Agent work for?

Buyer's agents work for the buyer, just like a sales agent works for the vendor. The ultimate goal is to find and secure the right property at the right price, whether it’s your dream home, a high performing investment or new business premises.

Who uses a Buyer’s Agent?

It is often referred to as a service for those with a high net worth but this isn’t the case. Property acquisition is a huge decision and purchasing the right property can provide security, access to better services or the best schools or anchor your business in a location that allows it to grow and flourish so you can keep focusing on what you’re good at. Essentially the team ensures you’re maximizing returns, enabling you to focus on what’s most important.

How do you know what areas to invest in?

We have decades of real estate acquisition experience combined with an independent team of advisers and research analysts to assess key growth drivers. Once the research is conducted it’s about understanding what’s relevant and managing the team of experts to execute accordingly.

Are there any other reasons I should consider a buyer’s agent?

Experience matters - Most people secure 3-5 properties in a lifetime, we buy that on a weekly basis.Who is looking out for you? Just as a seller’s agent acts for the vendor by driving up the price, we work hard to secure the property at the best possible price and terms for our client, the buyer.We are your ear to the ground - property selection, knowing what is under strong demand and why, and also knowing when to walk away is all incredibly important.Your investment is our investment - each property requires 10-15 hours of due diligence before being approved, and in most cases we do so on a number of properties before the right price is achieved. Many investors and property buyers rush this process due to lack of time and experience, making ill informed decisions that end up costing them in the long run.

What does a Buyer’s Agent do?

A Buyer's Agent specialises in coordinating a team of professionals, such as market research analysts, inspection agents and industry experts, to perform independent research. They facilitate the process from strategy creation to the property search plan, property valuations, negotiations and auctions.

How do I know if it’s the right property?

This is a mixture of your own personal situation, financial profile and property ambitions. Once the right plan is devised, 1Group has an extensive research framework that ensures only the most in-demand and appropriate assets are assessed and targeted for purchase.

Is there ongoing advice?

Yes, we meet with our clients annually to review their property portfolio and provide insights on the performance of the asset. Many clients are looking to build a portfolio and appreciate market updates. The door is always open and once you become a client we are here to support you with any questions, big or small.

What will it cost me to have an independent buyer’s agent team supporting my strategy?

The cost depends on the scale of your strategy, the price point of the property and the level of support you are requiring. For some clients, it’s simply research and guidance, while others are looking to fully outsource the process from strategy to acquisition to handover. We are unique, in that we charge a fixed fee, with no percentage style commission structures. And we do not accept commissions.

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